3 gorgeous walkways on Slovenian coast

Slovenia is a seaside country. It’s true, we only have 42,5 kilometers of beach, but you can find so many gorgeous corners on these kilometers. From picturesque fishing villages to cliffs, beaches and hills covered with olive trees and vine. In the south part of our Adriatic coast the local tourist organisation designed three beautiful walkways that are perfect for discovering cultural and natural beauties of Slovenian coast.

About the walkways

The three walkways lead you around towns of Lucija, Piran, Portorož, Seča, Strunjan and their surroundings. They are designed as circular paths and are clearly labelled all the way so you can’t get lost. They are also not difficult. The official starting point for all the walkways is Portorož, but since they are round trips you can start on any point of the walk you want.

Map of three walkways on Slovenian Adriatic coast
Sign for walkway, Slovenia Adriatic coast

1. Piran’s walkway

9 km – approx. 2 h 30 min

If you begin your walk in Portorož, the most famous Slovenian seaside resort, you can start with a morning coffee at one of many cafes at the seaside promenade. From there you ascend to Beli križ and admire views of Portorož on one side and beautiful green hills around Adriatic sea on the other. From Beli križ a nice path leads you to Fiesa, where you can take a swim on the local beach or just relax your legs in the fresh seawater.

The walkway continues along the sea to Piran, the iconic Slovenian coastal town. Here you have to take time to walk around its narrow streets, visit the St. George’s Parish Church and go to city walls for the best views of the peninsula. Also visit beautiful Tartini square and admire the boats in the nearby little harbour. Piran is also a great place to eat all the delicious seafood. My favourite restaurant here is Fritolin pri cantini. You continue the way along the coast to Portorož, passing Bernardin and admiring the views over the sea to the next cape that already belongs to Croatia.

Portorož Slovenia Europe
Piran Slovenia Europe
Piran Slovenia Europe
Piran Slovenia Europe Vanja Vodenik

2. Strunjan’s walkway

12 km – approx. 3 h

Again you can start your walk in Portorož, where you ascend from the beach to the outskirts of the city and get a shortcut along the hills between Portrož and Strunjan via tunnel Valeta. The tunnel is 550 meters long and it was built in 1902 for the narrow-gauge train track going from Italy’s Trieste to Croatia’s Poreč. You continue the walk along Strunjan’s saltworks and hills, filled with olive trees, until you get to Strunjan Natural Reserve. Here you walk on a path along the highest – 80 meters high –  cliffs in the east Adriatic. The path offers breathtaking views of the Moon bay and its cliff, the view goes all the way to Trieste and Italy. Here you can descend to the beach or continue your walk to Strunjan, where there is also a very nice beach with a lot of natural shadow.

The path continues along Strunjan saltworks (which are in the summer of 2020 closed due to construction work, so you have to go around them and the walk gets quite longer), Pacug and Fiesa. Here you ascend again to Beli križ. All the way you have amazing views of Slovenian coast. After Beli križ the last part of the way leads back to Portorož.

Tunnel Valeta Portorož Slovenia Europe
Moon Bay Strunjan Slovenia Europe
Fiesa Slovenia Europe
Slovenian Adriatic coast

3. Seča’s walkway

7 km – approx. 2 h

Let’s say we start the walk in Portorož, then you continue walking towards Lucija and crossing green hills to Seča. If you have time, you can make a detour and visit interesting Sečovlje Salina Nature Park. Here you can see how they produce salt in Sečovlje’s 700 year old salt-pants and buy their products. I suggest their delicious chocolate with salt.

Well, if we stay on the Seča’s walkway, you can admire olive trees and views over salt-pants, Kanal sv. Jerneja and Croatia’s coast while getting to Forma Viva. This open air rock sculpture museum has around 120 sculptures you can admire. Path then descend to Rt Seča, where you have an excellent opportunity to take a break on the beach and swim in the Adriatic sea. You continue the walk along the beach through Lucija and before coming back to Portorož you can admire all the yachts and other boats tied in Marina Portorož. Back on the starting point you can eat delicious seafood in one of many seaside restaurants of Portorož.

Portorož Slovenia Europe
Seča Slovenia Europe
Seča Slovenia Europe beach
Seča Slovenia Europe beach

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  1. Marko Vodenik says: Reply

    I walked those paths at the end of June and it was really enjoyable. Even better, walking in the end of May or early June or late September. On the sunny day it can get hot, so take some water in between villages and sun protection. Recommended.

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