How to spend an afternoon in Hermanus

I have actually started writing this blog post when I visited Hermanus three years ago. So today’s rainy afternoon felt like a perfect time to finish it and remember the great time spent in this cute fishing town.

Hermanus lies just two hours out of Cape Town and it is mostly known as the place to see the whales in South Africa. I spend an afternoon there and loved its relaxed vibe, enjoyed the sun and amazing scenic views of the coast. So what to do in Hermanus?

Go whale watching

Hermanus is most known for being a great place to see the whales. You don’t even need to take a boat at the open sea, although organized tours are an option, many times you can see a whale from the shore. The whales spotting season is from June to November, when the southern right whales come here before returning to Antarctica. There is a chance to see humpbacks and Bryde’s whales also in other months. If you are lucky, you can see a whale from the city center. There are many nice benches along the coast where you can sit, admire the views and wait for the whales to come. Well, I, unfortunately, was not lucky enough to see them.

Hermanus South Africa whale watching
Hermanus South Africa whale watching
Hermanus South Africa whale watching

Walk the Hermanus Cliff Path Biodiversity Walk

The cliff path is 12 kilometers long scenic walk along the coastline. On the walk you can enjoy amazing seaside views, see a lot of mammals and birds. If you get tired, there are 120 benches along the route to sit and enjoy the beautiful nature. There are also signposts to tell you what to look out for.

Hermanus South Africa Cliff Path Biodiversity Walk
Hermanus South Africa Cliff Path Biodiversity Walk
Hermanus South Africa Cliff Path Biodiversity Walk

Visit a museum

Although Hermanus is not a big city, it has three museums. You can get to know the fishing and whaling industry of the area in the Old Harbour Museum and learn all about the southern sight whales in the Whale Museum. There is also De Wet’s Photo Museum set in a picturesque historic cottage with an exhibition of old photos of Hermanus.

Hermanus South Africa De Wet’s Photo Museum
Hermanus South Africa
Hermanus South Africa

Stroll the town’s streets

Streets in Hermanus are full of markets and boutique stores, so it’s great to walk around, window-shop and shop. If you are a book lover, go to the Hemingways Bookshop. In this cute shop you can browse interesting African and international books. Hermanus is also close to the wine region of South Africa, so you can buy some amazing wine here. For even better stroll, stop at the Gelato mania for excellent ice cream.

Hermanus South Africa shopping
Hermanus South Africa Hemingways Bookstore
Hermanus South Africa ice cream Gelato mania

For adventurers: go shark diving

Firstly, a disclaimer. I did not go shark diving, I am terrified of such activities. 🙂 However, many come to Hermanus to try out cage diving with the Great White Sharks.

P. S.: I went to Hermanus with Baz Bus, South Africa’s convenient hop-on hop-off door-to-door backpacker bus service. Read all about my experience here.

Hermanus South Africa Vanja Vodenik

Visited: July 2017

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