First trip with a baby: winter wonderland in Kranjska Gora

We did it! We took Gaja on her first vacation and we had an amazing time. If you follow me on social media, you probably know, that at the end of September my little daughter Gaja joined our family. We spent the first two months adjusting to a new normal and enjoying all the baby cuddles. Then it was time to pack our bags – Gaja’s bag was of course the biggest – and try cuddling also on holidays. We spent three days in Kranjska Gora in our home country Slovenia, which is an amazing all year destination, but as we were visiting in December, we were greeted with a winter wonderland setting full of Christmas lights. As this was our first family vacation, we went on it without expectations, but with a small list of places we wanted to visit. I am happy that we managed to see them all. So I am sharing our list of activities you can do around Kranjska Gora in winter time (with a baby).

Family Zelenci Kranjska Gora Slovenia Europe

Visit the Alpine Village in Kranjska Gora

The center of Kranjska Gora is each December changed into a picturesque Alpine Village. Little stalls in front of the Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary are decorated with festive lights. On the stall you can buy local delicacies, mulled wine or tea and souvenirs or small gifts. Except this year, because of coronavirus measures the stalls were empty. But with the snow, they are still truly festive.

Tips for travelling with a baby: The center of Kranjska Gora is easily accessible with a stroller also in winter time. You can go for a delicious meal at Restaurant & Pizzeria Kotnik, where they have a room with baby changing table.

Alpine Village Christmas Kranjska Gora Slovenia Europe
Alpine Village Christmas Kranjska Gora Slovenia Europe
Alpine Village Christmas Kranjska Gora Slovenia Europe

Admire the breathtaking nature at Zelenci

Zelenci is a nature reserve with many endangered animal and plant species and also the place where from several springs the Sava Dolinka river emerges. The water gathers in a small lake which has an amazing emerald green colour. Beautiful views of high mountains in the distance just add to the beauty of the place. And you can admire the area also from a watch tower. In winter time a trail through snowy forest leads you to the lake. The water In Zelenci has a set temperature of 6 °C throughout the year, so you can see the fish in the clear water also in the winter. It is really a beautiful place to just breathe the fresh mountain air and enjoy the nature.

Tips for travelling with a baby: In winter time, when there is snow, the trail to Zelenci is not suitable for stroller. We used baby carrier.

Zelenci Kranjska Gora Slovenia Europe
Zelenci Kranjska Gora Slovenia Europe
Zelenci Kranjska Gora Slovenia Europe

Watch the sunset at Lake Jasna

The two interconnected artificial lakes at the confluence of the Velika Pišnica and Mala Pišnica streams together form beautiful Lake Jasna. With snow-capped mountains of the Julian Alps that reflect in the clear water of the lake, you get another spot with amazingly beautiful views of nature. We visited Lake Jasna twice on this trip and we loved seeing the sunset there, with some hot chocolate in our hands. Although our morning visit with mystical fog was not bad either. You can take a walk around the lake and get some views also from the wooden tower. And don’t forget to take a photo in front of the famous bronze statue of ibex. In winter you can go for a meal in one of two see-through igloos.

Tips for travelling with a baby: When there is snow, you can do a small circle around the first lake with a stroller. The second lake however, has some narrow bridges and we found the ground very icy. It is better to do the circle with carrier. You can also go to Lake Jasna from Kranjska Gora with a stroller as the pavement was cleared of snow.

Lake Jasna Kranjska Gora Slovenia Europe
Igloo Lake Jasna Kranjska Gora Slovenia Europe
hot chocolate Lake Jasna Kranjska Gora Slovenia Europe

Go to Planica Nordic Center and Tamar Valley

Planica is most known for holding world cup for ski jumping each year, so there you can admire different ski flying hills. But it is also a place with great cross-country skiing paths and home of the Planica Nordic Center. In the center, besides tea with a nice snowy views, you can for example try out flying in a wind tunnel or visiting Planica Museum. And on the top floor there is a viewing platform. When visiting we also walked a small part of hike along the beautiful Tamar Valley, which starts in Planica. If you have time, the snowy 45 minutes (one way) easy path to the mountain hut at the end of the valley is really beautiful. And you can sledge to get back to Planica.

Tips for travelling with a baby: You can change the baby’s diaper at the toilet in -3 level of the Planica Nordic Center. In the snow, the area around the center is well maintained and accessible with a stroller. We did the short part of hike to Tamar Valley with a stroller, however, to do the whole path it would be probably easier to use a carrier, as the path is slowly scaling.

Planica Kranjska Gora Slovenia Europe
Tamar Valley Planica Kranjska Gora Slovenia Europe Vanja Vodenik
Planica Nordic Center Kranjska Gora Slovenia Europe

What more is there to do?

In Kranjska Gora there is a nice ski center for your daily activities and for the evening you can use swimming pool in one of the hotels in the town or go ice skating. Around there are numerous walking paths with views of snowy mountains. You can also visit Mojstrana and the Slovenian Alpine Museum. If conditions are good and road to Vršič is open, you can also drive through the pass and enter Trenta. And I already have a blog post about how amazing this area of Slovenia is.

Kranjska Gora Slovenia Europe

How did Gaja liked her first vacations?

Gaja was an amazing fellow traveler. She curiously looked around the winter landscape, but mostly she slept in her stroller and carrier. Fresh mountain air definitely helps babies to sleep a lot. And she also slept good in her own baby bed in the hotel.

Lake Jasna Kranjska Gora Slovenia Europe Vanja Vodenik

Visited: December 2021

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