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What is the first thing I do after buying a plane ticket? Ok, that may be jumping around of happiness, but still, what is the second thing I do after buying a plane ticket? I arrange cancellation insurance for it. Yes, you read right. For the last few years I have insured cancellation risk of all my plane tickets with Assistance CORIS.

You have probably heard the stories or it even happened to you – you plan an awesome trip and then you get sick right before your departure date. Or you buy a skiing trip before the season starts and then there is no snow when your trip is due. You find an amazing plane ticket months in advance and you are not sure about your current employment status. There are many reasons you can’t do the trip you booked and you lose your money because of it. But it does not have to be like that. If you buy cancellation insurance for your trip, at least you can get your money back.


How to arrange cancellation insurance?

Assistance CORIS offers cancellation insurance for plane tickets, accommodation reservations, rent-a-car, train tickets and other things you would like to insure before your trip. The process of buying cancellation insurance is super quick and easy. You go to Assistance CORIS web page, choose “cancellation risk insurance” and follow the instructions. You are done in a few minutes, then you get an e-mail confirmation on your mail and all you have to do is send the receipt of the thing you insured. However, you have to buy the insurance two days after you booked your trip and it has to be at least 15 days before the departure date.


For cancellation insurance you can choose between basic or expanded insurance. With basic insurance you can get your money back if you get sick or injured and can’t go travelling because of it. The expanded insurance also covers instances of problems with pregnancy, loss of employment, lack of snow on ski slopes, cancellation of a wedding or a wedding trip, extensive damage to your home, car accident and others.

In the event of cancellation, you must inform Assistance CORIS as soon as possible or at the latest within 48 hours.

So far I was truly lucky and I never had to cancel my travels. However, I still buy the extended cancellation insurance for all my plane tickets, because I fell much calmer if I know that in the unluckiest of the situations – not going on a trip – at least I will get invested money back. And I can immediately start saving for a new trip! 🙂


I also trust Assistance CORIS with my health and have their travel insurance for the last 20 years. Check out what happens when you get sick while travelling – the Mexico City edition.

I wrote this article in collaboration with Assistance CORIS, however, all opinions are always my own and I genuinely recommend and regularly use their services.

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